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A. Barazani Transport Ltd. was founded in 1987. The company offers transport services in Jerusalem and throughout the country for private customers, businesses and institutions.

The company holds a professional license from the Ministry of Transportation for driving passengers for a fee.

A. Barazani Transport Ltd. is open from 06:00 am to 20:00 pm and provides services also after work hours. The company offers a wide range of services:

Special vehicle for disabled people
supervision patrol car
  • Transport to and from Ben Gurion International Air Port.
  • Transport of children to schools and kindergartens (and also to summer camps)
  • Transport of workers to and from their work places
  • Transport to events all over the country
  • Transport services for institutions and private customers
  • Tour bus services throughout the country
  • Transport of disabled persons in vehicles with stair climbers.
  • Special transportation for senior citizens
  • Tourist transportation
  • Transport of performing artists
  • And any other required transportation

A. Barazani Transport Ltd.'s vehicle fleet:

The company operates a large fleet of about 140 vehicles, all closely monitored by a transportation safety officer:


  • 20 taxis – up to 4 passengers
  • 90 small busses – 14 passengers + 16 passengers
  • 10 minibuses – 20 passengers
  • 10 busses – 50 passengers
  • 10 vehicles with stair climbers for transporting disabled persons
  • And in addition – a special patrol car for on-site supervision, monitoring and control.

All our vehicles undergo monthly inspections by the company safety officer, to ensure that they are in proper condition, including inspection of safety belts and communications devices. All our drivers have served in the army and are over 24 years of age. They have a character reference and a driver's license for small public buses.


Our computerized office enables us to manage our workloads in a fast, efficient and economic manner. The company has a computerized national street map, GPS equipment and an ISO 9002 standard provided by the Standards Institute of Israel.

We will be glad to provide you with recommendations from our satisfied customers or to receive your order .

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